Advanced instagram growth solution

How it works
This service is for
Monetize with us
  • Choose one of our professional growth plans
  • Select a specific target
  • Publish your quality contents
  • Take a seat and watch your business grow. Our team of experts will configure the personalized growth of your profile 






  • You can always upgrade your plan to the next
  • If you want to grow more than 1 IG account, you can use your partner discount on the second one. It will be considered as a new partner. Read 'Monetize with us' to learn more about our partnership and earnings

The service is for ALL!

Anyone who wants to invest in the future of his business with leading marketing strategies.

Influencers, companies, brands, artists, athletes, bars, restaurants, hotels, public figures, craftsmen, websites, e-commerce, and you too even if you are not among them.

To start our EXPONENTIAL growth plan you only need to have a profile on Instagram.

Our dedicated team of experts will work for you.



Instagram is a powerful tool if used professionally. 



The real revolution that makes us a viral service


It is not the usual affiliate program, or a pyramid scheme with which you may have surely been bothered.

It is a concrete opportunity and it is HORIZONTAL.

There are millions of people who might be interested in SocialSUITE. Those who don't invest in Instagram today, don't know how to do marketing.

We want you to become our Partner and we will considerably reward you for this.


What are the requirements?

To become a Partner of SocialSUITE you must have chosen one of our organic growth plans, or purchased the Partner Kit from our store, which provides you the partner code and a commercial guide to get customers immediately.

Why should you do it?

You have the opportunity to make your business grow exponentially and earn a lot of money. The market is huge and is expanding. For years, companies have been investing primarily in social media, especially on Instagram. Start earning too.

How much do I earn?

With your personalized code, you will get 30% fee every time a new customer uses one of our plans thanks to you. Your income is guaranteed at every monthly or annual renewal and is potentially FOR EVER, if both of you will continue to trust us.

EXAMPLE: In the first month, you contact 4 people a day who choose a monthly plan and you earn 30% per person on the cost of the chosen plan. In the second month you keep the same daily average of new contacts which, added to the renewals of the first month, will allow you to double your income.

Are there any rewards?

Sure. The rewards will be based on merit and to the achievement of some objectives. Become viral too!

Why should I do it?

With such a large market and such an urgent demand to satisfy, you can really earn a lot more than anyone who have a normal 8-hour daily business.


In the Partner Guide provided with each of our plans, you will find detailed information on the real earnings you will collect and on the techniques for quickly getting hundreds of customers.

You will become part of an increasingly large group of digital market pioneers and you will completely change your lifestyle.





Growth Plans

Choose an Instagram growth plan based on your budget.

PERSONAL GROWTH STARTER - monthly subscription

€50.00 €60.00
  • Up to 4.500 followers per month
  • Organic Profile Growth with REAL followers
  • Engagement Boost
  • Strategic Targeting by our Human team
  • Anonymous Configuration Included
  • One day of profile set up by an Instagram expert
  • Partner CODE and commercial guide
  • Intro guide to maximize results

PERSONAL GROWTH STARTER - three-months subscription

€145.00 €180.00
  • Up to 12.000 followers in three months
  • The results improve by increasing the duration of the service
  • Monthly strategy review and analysis by our Instagram experts 
  • Includes all monthly PROTEIN STARTER plan features

PERSONAL GROWTH INFLUENCER - monthly subscription

€110.00 €130.00
  • Up to 10.000 followers per month
  • FAST growth
  • Daily Human Account Manager
  • Best Targeting Configuration

PERSONAL GROWTH INFLUENCER - three-months subscription

€315.00 €390.00

COMPANY GROWTH BUSINESS - three-months subscription

€315.00 €390.00

COMPANY GROWTH BUSINESS - annual subscription

€1020.00 €1300.00
  • Geolocated and targeted growth
  • Personalized service for companies